Happy Easter!

Colored eggs, baby chicks, a person dressed up in a big bunny costume… Easter is a fun holiday, especially when you’re a kid. And if the presents the "Easter Bunny" leaves you aren’t cool enough, check out the candy! It’s almost Easter, and now is a really important time to figure out what this holiday is all about.

Easter is a time of new beginnings. Ever wonder why the classic Easter symbols are baby animals? Easter is in the Spring, a time when animals are being born. There’s another reason Easter is full of beginnings. Jesus, our Savior, came back to life on Easter! How cool is that?

What better time is there to read the story of Easter than now? Go ahead, open up to one of the Gospels (New Testament section) and read about Easter. And, if you’re having company over, get everyone to sit down in the same room, and you can read a bit of that story to them! That’d be really cool – sharing God’s love and reminding us that Easter is more than just parading through the yard in search of plastic eggs filled with candy and quarters.

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