Jane Austen Meets Taio Cruz

This made my day...week...LIFE(:


Black & White

What used to be so black and white
Is now just gray and out of sight
We’ve blurred the lines that used to be
They’re just a distant memory
All the things we know are wrong
We do them just to get along
All the things we know are right
Are lost in the fog, no longer white
What made us choose this road?
We’re not the people we used to know
The pressure from every direction
Pulls at us, destroys perfection
Everything that used to be
Is all just a dream to me
Where did we lose our soul?
We stopped, dropped, and let it roll
There’s no turning back this time
My body is no longer mine
We believe there’s no use pretending
There’s no such thing as a happy ening
My life I gave, but for what fight?
I died rediscovering black and white.

[for my school, me, and the general student body with all its ignorance. please don't copy, thanks.]


New Year's Resolutions

Wow, this is lame. I actually am going to blog about this? But I want to make this year count. 2011 is going to change something; I can feel it. (P.S: Share YOUR resolutions in the "comments" section!)

  • Read my Bible more often. Seeing as I hardly read it at all, there's plenty of room for improvement. I try -- really, I do.
  • Expand my cooking abilities. I think everyone will be happier.
  • Grow out my hair. Again. I'll probably just chop it all off anyways.
  • Get above a 95 average in all of my classes. So close!
  • Be a better friend. I don't think there's ever a moment where you can be too good of a friend.
  • Take photos. Lots of photos.
  • Finish reading A Tale of Two Cities. The mere thought scares the Dickens out of me. Sorry, I couldn't resist.
2011, you are going to be a very hard year.