a note on love.

How does it feel to have a heart that's beyond breaking?
Can you feel anything at all anymore?
You're looking for love so desperately
but trust me. You'll never find it.
You already have love, true love,
the greatest love ever known to anyone,
and you don't even see it.
The Creator of the Universe is madly in love with you,
but you don't even notice. You don't even care.
You pretend it doesn't matter, but I can see your pain.
If you have Love like that, you don't need anything else.
If you have God's love, no one else's love really matters.
Irrevocable. Unconditional. Eternal.
Isn't that enough?

[for a friend]


I got a tumblr. follow me!

I gave in to the temptation.
I got a tumblr.
I'm hoping it will be more inspiring and visual,
rather than the Jesus-flavored fake narcissism that resides on this blog
(not that the words Jesus, fake, and narcissism should exist in the same sentence).
Don't freak out -- this wonderfully snarktastic blog isn't going anywhere.
So now follow me on tumblr: maybe molly



So I just discoverd tumblr.
If it was a guy, I'd marry it.
But it's not. So.....yeah.