I got a tumblr. follow me!

I gave in to the temptation.
I got a tumblr.
I'm hoping it will be more inspiring and visual,
rather than the Jesus-flavored fake narcissism that resides on this blog
(not that the words Jesus, fake, and narcissism should exist in the same sentence).
Don't freak out -- this wonderfully snarktastic blog isn't going anywhere.
So now follow me on tumblr: maybe molly


  1. so this blog is done for?!?!!?
    oh, and I don't like that you made your blog sound terrible, like talking about Jesus like you couldn't give a rip about Him. :(

  2. Amanda,

    No! Of course not. I couldn't get rid of this blog. Not now, anyways. This is my writing blog. Tumblr will be more on the visual/photo side.

    And I care very much about Jesus, but I've come to realize that I have 2 post catagories here: Jesus awesomeness, and my sometimes snarky ramblings that don't always make sense. That's why I said that the words Jesus, fake, and narcissism shouldn't exist in the same sentence, but that's what appears on this blog frequently: Jesus, and then the times when I make sarcastic remarks about my "awesomeness". Just wanted to clarify. :)


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