Lead Me to the Cross

Lead me to the cross
Where your love poured out
Bring me to my knees
Lord I lay me down

Rid me of myself
I belong to you
Lead me, lead me to the cross

To your heart
To your heart
Lead me to your heart
Lead me to your heart

My friend had this posted on her wall and I thought it was just beautiful. :)


Free Grace: A Different Angle

"I believe none of us is perfect. I believe no one is without some fault to hide." - Jane Eyre

I've talked to you about how we can't do anything to deserve our salvation. We can't take pride in it, because we didn't earn it. But I want to look at it from a slightly different angle.

As humans, we judge people. We look on the outside, where as God looks at the heart. We won't befriend someone because they look like they need a bath, or we won't talk to talk to someone because they aren't as popular or as good-looking as the people we want to hang out with.

We even judge people by their sins. "Whoa, Abbie is a wild girl! It must be really hard for God to love her." We rate sins. Some sins we think are worse than others, but in God's eyes the are all the same. Whether you've murdered someone or snapped at your dad, it's all sin and it all has to be punished.

When we think we are "good people" who don't sin a lot, or at least don't do any of the "really bad sins", we are wrong. We start to look at the people who don't carry that same "good Christian" image and we judge them. We place ourselves higher on God's friend list, when really, we're no better than the person we're judging.

We've all sinned; we've all fallen short. We can't feel better than anyone else because it was a gift; because we are not better than the next person.

My friend just thought of something. Instead of thinking of God's "friend list" as written vertically, with one person's name above another, think of it as horizontal, where all the names are equal. We are all beautiful in God's sight.

When you feel like you're falling short of what God wants for you, remember that God loves you just as much as someone who you think is perfect.


The Mystery & Glory of God's Plan

He held up the book then. "I’m reading it to you for relax."
"Has it got any sports in it?"
"Fencing. Fighting. Torture. Poison. True love. Hate. Revenge. Giants. Hunters. Bad men. Good men. Beautiful ladies. Snakes. Spiders…Pain. Death. Brave men. Cowardly men. Strongest men. Chases. Escapes. Lies. Truths. Passion. Miracles."
"Sounds okay," I said, and I kind of closed my eyes.
William Goldman, The Princess Bride

When I was younger, I used to read the Nancy Drew books – all the time. And, honestly, I could never guess who-dun-it or why. In fact, throughout the whole book I was clueless. I could not get my mind around the mystery. Yet I enjoyed every minute of it anyway, and when I had finished the last page I would set the book down, satisfied.
The mystery of God’s plan is even harder to crack. In fact, it’s impossible for our minds to fully know God’s plan. But we can follow it. And we can know the final chapter, where God banishes sin to Hell and takes the Christians to Heaven where they live forever. The final result is no mystery to us because God has revealed His plan to us.
But if there are people involved in that plan who don’t work to fulfill God’s plan, then they are basically dead. Spiritually dead. They don’t know where they are going or why, mainly because they are not going anywhere at all. They are stuck in one place because they aren’t, as Paul would say, fighting the good fight.
If you want to be involved in God’s amazing plan, you have to work to see it through. Of course you’ll have God’s help, but everyone needs to do their part.
I read the whole book of Ephesians today and really want to share it with you. I loved it, and I hope you will, too. We’re going to look at Ephesians later and see how you and I fit into God’s plan.
Are you with me?


From Theory to Reality

Do you claim something, but don't live up to it? Like I claim to be a semi-vegetarian, but really I just refuse to eat hot dogs, sausage, and tasteless pork.
On the TV show Smallville, a couple had claimed to have broken up, but there was still an awkward presence between them. The guy finally said, "You know, there’s breaking up in theory, then there’s the point where you actually do it."
I think he made a good point. I’m still thinking about it, but I’m thinking that he’s right. There is being or doing something in theory, and then there is actually following through it. Proving it.
One example is being a great friend. You can say, "I’m a great friend" and never live up to it. Then there’s the point when you actually be a great friend and honor what you said.
What about this? "I’m a strong Christian." The next day you go out and party and give into temptations that a strong Christian would be able to conquer (with God’s help).
Even more…. "I’m on fire for Jesus. I live my life for Him." But…are you really on fire for Jesus? (Yes? Ok, then why are you sitting at the computer holding a bag of Doritos?) Are you really living your life for Him?
There is living for God in theory, then there is actually going out and doing it. Yeah, it’s great that you believe in Him. But why not take it to the next level? Why not actually prove that you believe? Prove that you’re a servant of Christ. Live it out.
You know all about the Theory of Evolution. It’s just that. A theory. No one has ever or will ever be able to prove it. So there is the Theory of Evolution, and then, if it was true, there would be actual Evolution. But it isn’t true, so it’s nothing but a theory. Which means it’s nothing at all.
Is your faith like that? Just a theory? Can you prove that your faith is more than that? Can anyone? If your faith isn’t real and working, then it’s just a theory. Which means it’s nothing at all.
Today, reflect on your faith. Ask God to help you change it from theory to reality.

  • What in my life -- from being a good friend to being a good student, being a vegetarian to having solid faith -- have I been living in theory?
  • Can I prove that it's not just theory? How?
  • Am I really living for Jesus, or is it just a theory?
  • How can I change my faith, or anything I deal with, from theory to reality?



It’s summertime, and chances are you’ve already been to the pool. I just got back from one and my hair is all chlorinated. Ew.
Anyway, if you’ve been to the pool or beach, you probably got sunburned. Yeah. Ouch.
The same feeling comes when someone attacks you with their words. Downright mean comments, teasing, gossiping – it all hurts. It burns like a sunburn and it’s just as dangerous.
And chances are that not only have you been attacked by words, you’ve also been the attacker. The teaser. The gossipper. And you’ve probably hurt someone. Maybe even someone you love. You may or may not have meant it, but that doesn't matter. It hurts anyway.
This summer, when you get mad and think of a real clever insult, remember the sting of a sunburn and do the right thing instead.


The Boy with Crutches

At Sky Ranch I learned an unexpected lesson. It wasn't in the Bible study but instead in the way someone treated me that got me thinking about how we treat other people.

There was this cute guy on crutches. He had some disease that affected his ankle and he couldn't run or jump. One thing that was really cool -- he never complained about not getting to run around with the guys in his cabin. He was always positive.
I was going to an optional bible study and wondering whether I should open the door for him. I decided against it -- maybe he would be offended, I didn't know. Instead, he set down one of his crutches and opened the door for me. Me, a girl who as far as he knew had cooties and was perfectly able to open the door myself.
I don't know why that made me so happy. Just that act of kindness and selflessness was so cool.
I realized I should be more like that. When something's wrong in my life, I focus on that instead of searching for other hurting people and helping them. I'm asking God to give me opportunities to help people instead of worrying about myself. I hope you'll do the same.


Sky Ranch!

I just got back from Sky Ranch! It was an amazing experience with wonderful campers and amazing counselors who were so open in sharing their wisdom and what God has done in their lives.
That is why I haven’t been on for like, a week. I’m so sorry, but I’m so glad I was able to go. I’m so excited to share with you everything I’ve learned! Yes, I will share everything I learned about God and people with YOU, but to experience one of Texas’ longest zip lines, coolest water slides, most fun lakes, and more, you have to sign up for Sky Ranch! They’re located in Texas, Colorado, and Oklahoma. It costs a lot of money, but it is totally worth it. Do lots of chores for people in your neighborhood if you’re parents won’t pay the fee.
Have an amazing experience at skyranch.org


Praise: Just Not Feelin' It

Ya know those praise songs in your church that just make you yawn? You know, the one that the praise band must have played a billion times. Yeah, our God is an awesome God. We know that because of the song that sings it over and over and over until the old lady in the pew is snoring in your ear.

Don’t get me wrong – it’s a very nice song. But there are other songs that, let’s face it, don’t get us pumped about God. The girl whispering to her friends during praise – that’s you, isn’t it? Or maybe you’re the guy standing over there, checking your watch to see if worship is running long, wondering why everyone around you is raising their hands and closing their eyes. Weird.

Songs are written from the heart, from the pen of a blind woman who’s trusting God to light her path, from the mind of a man who’s lost his family and fortune and yet is still sticking with God because he knows that he’s being cared for.

Sometimes a certain song doesn’t mean much to you, but to someone else, it hits home. People relate to songs. When your guy dumps you and you hear Taylor Swift singing about her latest breakup, you know the emotion behind those words. When you’re singing to God, the emotion is extra-strong and the words are very true. They are close to your heart.

So next time you’re the dude wondering why that man’s eyes are closed or why that woman’s hands are raised, remember that even if a song doesn’t mean much to you, it means a whole lot to someone else. It’s what they needed to hear that week. And that’s something to praise God about.


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