It’s summertime, and chances are you’ve already been to the pool. I just got back from one and my hair is all chlorinated. Ew.
Anyway, if you’ve been to the pool or beach, you probably got sunburned. Yeah. Ouch.
The same feeling comes when someone attacks you with their words. Downright mean comments, teasing, gossiping – it all hurts. It burns like a sunburn and it’s just as dangerous.
And chances are that not only have you been attacked by words, you’ve also been the attacker. The teaser. The gossipper. And you’ve probably hurt someone. Maybe even someone you love. You may or may not have meant it, but that doesn't matter. It hurts anyway.
This summer, when you get mad and think of a real clever insult, remember the sting of a sunburn and do the right thing instead.


  1. Actually I haven't gotten a sunburn yet :P but I do know how bad negative words hurt. This fits in pretty close to part of my study in Proverbs: be careful with your words. A gossiper can't keep a secret and a negative word can ruin a person's day. :) thanks for the reminder, I still have to get in GOD's word. Jesus loves you! :)

  2. I admit that I sometimes catch myself being too negative around people. Honestly, I only do it as a friendly tease, but you never know whether they really think it's funny or if they are just trying not to show that they're hurt. It's something I need to work on.


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