Bowling, Rapping, & Crazy Dancing

In 2nd period today, we hopped in the bus and went to the slightly creepy bowling alley that smells like fried pickles. There's an arcade in the back, which makes it even scarier, since I have a fear of arcades.

I was working with the special ed kids and scoring a steady stream of 0's (until today, I had never bowled without bumpers). And let me tell you, I looked oh-so-hot in my neon purple socks and red+puke green bowling shoes.

Then the speakers explode with the pounding beats of Eminem, and suddenly I'm [trying to] rap and I'm dancing crazily in front of my friend. Then everyone notices and they make fun of me, but I know they're secretly just jealous of my mad skills.

It's times like that I'll always remember; times when I wasn't afraid to step out of the norm and just be myself, as weird as I am. I'll remember this day because I danced and rapped without caring who saw me, just for the fun of it, just because I could.

What's the point of life if you're not going to have fun with it?