No Driving in Heaven

I opened a savings account today. (I can hear Maddy gasping right now.) I put in $96 to start with. It may not seem like a lot to you, but to ME, well – I do my share of chores and only get a measly $2 a week. Yeah, I know.
So, what’s even worse, my siblings (except the youngest) opened an account as well, but because they were under age 13, they got $25 from the bank to add to their account! It is SO unfair. So now they have almost as much money as I do, and I’m twice their age!
It makes me mad. I’m saving up for a car that I don’t even want (I NEVER want to drive – it’s called a chauffeur). My car will probably be held together by duct tape, and maybe the previous owner’s cat gave birth in the seat. The wipers will wipe water onto the windshield, there will be no OnStar to tell me the name of that song on the radio, and the worst part? When I have to dodge bad guys like NCIS’ main character, and back up into a lake to avoid being shot, my seatbelt will suddenly jam and my face will turn white and this stupid fish will come and nibble my cold fingers as my vision and consciousness leaves me. Then, alas – I will be but 16, not yet at the prime of my life, with my entire life ahead of me. My life will flash before my empty eyes – my first day of school, when I took my training wheels off my bike (I was 10…don’t laugh), when I got a dog, when I started this blog, when I got horses, when I spent $10 on a milkshake at an amusement park and forgot that it was my money. (Don’t ask.) Then a light will flash against the still, murky water and I’ll hear the voice of my Father – that is, my Lord – and I’ll go to heaven and there God will give me a bright red Ferrari and a chauffeur so I never have to drive it. And there will be no jammed seatbelts in heaven. And no savings accounts. And no overpriced milkshakes. I’m so excited! I can’t wait! What about you?


  1. I didn't gasp, I was completely shocked though that you had $97. :) JK! Good for you! Yeah, my parents opened one for me when I was...11? They started it with $25. HeeHee. *ahem* I'm sorry for your pain. *walks briskly away*
    Wow Melissa, you've been watching WAY (emphisis on the WAY) too much CSI shows, or whatever they're called. :) (very vivid imagination though)

  2. Wow, Melissa. That's all. Wow.
    (btw, i did laugh about the training wheels)

  3. Oh you can't get to heaven
    In a limousine
    'Cause the Lord don't sell
    No gasoline


    It is NCIS. Like, Nuggets of Chicken in Sandwiches.


    Totally different show.

  5. Or...
    Nine Cubs in Socks. Or shoes. or Snow.


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