Fake Holly

A hurricane of a sigh escapes my lips. My head is dizzy, my hands numb as I type.

Yes. I'm sure you are feeling the same way, or will be feeling so soon.

School has come back to haunt the houses and schools of millions of children across the world. Christmas break has come and gone. Which brings to mind a song by Alabama, called "The Little Boy's Prayer".

"Can we have Christmas
all the year long?
Tell stories of Jesus
and sing all his songs.
Something is special in our home today.
Can we ask Jesus to stay?"

Christmas comes to the world as an explosion of great things. While the Christian Christmas is even more spectacular and meaningful, even non-believers have fun (unless Santa is broke, due to the North Pole's failing ecomomy and recession crisis. The elves aren't good with money, you see). Almost everyone is willing to extend an extra dose of love to the world, whether it be cookies for a neighbor, supplying presents for the needy, or making a casserole for the hungry -- Christmas is the season of love. (After all, Jesus is love.)

Now, however, all of the Christmas decorations are gone. The tree, the fake holly, the wrapped presents, the unlimited supply of toffee and sweets -- they've vanished and we don't see them again for a whole year. (Of course, that stubborn mistletoe is still in our tree in the backyard. The only one I'll be kissing is my dog. I know, I'm such a scrooge.)

Yet there is one thing...ONE THING...that still lingers in the chilly air. There is something -- someone -- who will last longer than the presents, longer than the non-existent snow (welcome to Texas), longer than the frozen casserole and even longer than the candycanes. That someone is Jesus. He's still here, whether you believe me or not. And he's going nowhere.

Ok, so if Jesus is still here, why is he now unwelcome in our homes and hearts? Why have we closed our doors to him? Why have we forgotten him, as if he were that little chocolate Santa you devoured last week? Would you throw a splendid celebration for someone's birthday and then kick him out of your house before he can say "Happy New Year"? Hopefully not!

So, friends, would you celebrate Jesus all the year long with me? Can we tell the world of everything he's done and the love that he's offering? Would you help me to help the needy? Can we spread love throughout the nations together? Are you with me?

Let's ask Jesus to stay.


  1. Melissa!!
    This is urgent!
    Well, relatively.
    You like the BarlowGirls, right?
    I always meant to mention that I knew their family, but I never got around to it.
    But if you like them, you really have to read my latest post.
    Not the lame one sent from my phone,
    this one.
    I know I sound pushy,
    But I am really fired up,
    and I think you will be too!

    Nice post btw,
    love your style!

  2. Yeah, I love BarlowGirl!
    I'll go read your post right away.


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