Lazy Days

Have you ever had a day all to yourself? One of those lazy days, with nothing to do but write and draw and think and stay in your fuzzy pink slippers.

Those days start out great. I do four days of school, so before I got a part in this play, I would have 1 weekday of relaxation and playtime.

On those days, I would get really hyped about being a good person. I would lie in my bed in the early morning before anyone else was awake, greeting the sun as it shone through my bedroom window. I'm going to be awesome today, I'd tell myself. I'm going to really help somebody today. I'm going to dedicate this day to the Lord. And I'm going to wash my face, just for me, because today is going to be a perfect day. I would set up a schedule in my mind. I would have a makeover -- take a shower, brush hair, paint nails, scrub lips. I would read my bible and pray for a long time, then go the hunger site and the animal rescue site and feed those in need for free. I would make that day awesome and productive.

Well, that day was gone before I realized it. What had I done? Blogged, ate, brushed my teeth, blogged some more. Oh, and yelled at my brother. Thus is the life of an blogger addict. At the end of one of those supposedly glorious days, I would feel a bit depressed as I crawled into bed.

I had gotten nothing done. I had done nothing for myself. I had done nothing for others and nothing for God. What was wrong with me? Why had I turned a potentially productive day into a, well, lazy day? Where had this gotten me? Did winning my virtual Playstation world really help improve my life? Did it get me new friends? Did it get my closer to God? Did it zap a zit? No.

I think that every day, we should at least do 1 thing productive. One thing that will get you or someone else somewhere. Reach your goals, chase your dreams, help someone, pray. Don't let yourself fall into the laziness trap. Honestly, it's selfish. It's selfish not to take care of yourself. It's selfish to not take care of others, and it's selfish not to seek a closer relationship with the One who is giving you this life.

This is truly living -- taking care of yourself, others, and your relationship with God. Make the best of your day, of your life.

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  1. Yeah, I do that ALL the time. Like I'll plan to read my Bible and then go paint my nails, but really won't get into my Bible. And I try on like 50 different colors get tired of it and just take it all off. Then I turn a positively great day into a lazy, slobish kinda day. UGH! I hate that!


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