Simply Praising Him

This morning, during praise at church, a man in the back row spread his hands out and, throughout the whole worship time, he mumbled prayers to God. I tried to catch bits here and there, but his voice, though confident, was quiet and I felt as if I was eavesdropping (which usually wouldn’t bother me, except the fact that this was church). Was he asking God to give him money so that he could serve God better? No. Was he asking God to make him well-liked? No. Was he asking anything for himself? No! The man was simply thanking God – praising him – for God’s greatness.
Maybe I need to be more like that. Instead of writing off a list of complaints and requests right away, maybe I should praise God first, THEN requests can come.
Why praise God? He made you! And he saved you! He let his only son die so that you could be with him. How cool is that? If someone gave you the greatest gift EVER, would you then ask him for something else, something more? Hopefully not! Hopefully you would thank him and give him all the gratitude you had to give.
God gave you the greatest gift of all. This month, would you like to join me in simply praising God’s awesomeness?

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