In 10 Years...

I think if we knew just how short life is, we would live every day to its fullest.

Take me for example. At the moment, I am eating M&Ms while blogging and wondering about age. At the same time, I'm writing a book. On top of all that, I'm wondering what we're having for dinner. And somewhere WAY back there, God is speaking.

GOD: "Melissa, get your lazy self out of that chair!"
ME: "But God! I'm telling people about You!" *pause* "Want an M&M?"

OK, maybe He's not calling me lazy (or maybe He is; I'll never know). But I have this one thought that's been really scaring me. Here goes.

In 10 years, I will be 24. I will be an old lady. I might even be married (ok, that's not something I'm totally dreading, to be honest). I will be teaching Shamu impersonators how to jump over my head (and not land on me in the process). Who knows, I might make it to Oprah. But the point is this: my life is flashing before my eyes and I'm sitting here munching on trail mix.

And where will you be in 10 years? You might be 27. That's middle aged, baby. The downhill slope. I wonder if people get wrinkles at 27...?

I'm enjoying life. I love my family, my friends, my pets, my church, my God. I love shopping and simply wearing clothes (well let's hope...). I love writing and I love this blog and I love you readers. But, honestly, how am I making a difference in the world?


  1. 27 is middle age only if you are planning on not living past 54.

  2. In ten years... I might be married, I'll own at guitar, hopefully my walk with GOD will be stronger, and I hope to have a masters in something cool =P Oh, I'll start to gain weight *bleh* I like being able to eat anything =P Jesus loves you! =)

  3. Well, Dad, you never know....

    Tuna, nice thoughts. Really. Eating is awesome. =b

  4. lol! 24-old lady! ;)
    I know i've thought about that too. How in only a few years my friends & i will be goin' off to college! Life-especially this year- has gone wAy too fast! I need more time! i still have sO much to learn!
    p.s. lol i luv how u keep talkin' about u munchin on snacks. me too sistah! :)

  5. So true! I love your blogs. You're a great writer. What book are you writing?

  6. Too many to count. :)
    I'm writing several fiction, and one for teen girls.


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