So, I'm fourteen. And I'm very excited about that fact. Whenever my birthday rolls around, I never feel any older. It's different this year. I feel a little bit older, or maybe fresh and determined. I'm not sure what it is. Maybe I'm just imagining things.
13 was an amazing year. I went to Sky Ranch and Disciple Now. I got in touch with my friends again that are so dear to me. I've grown closer to God and will continue doing so throughout my entire life. I think I've gotten a better idea of what really matters in life; now I just have to use what I've learned. To recap on the age 13, I read several of my old posts. I got a kick out of reading my "I'm 13!" post. I'm sad that I didn't live out everything I planned, but I've grown so much and come so far.
I'm excited to share this new time in my life with you. I think writing to you has really helped me sort my thoughts and evaluate what I believe. Oh, I have a lot to learn. We all do. I'm thrilled to be given the opportunity to learn it with you.
Thank you so much, readers, for sticking with me through thick and thin. You all are so wonderful!

Your Sister in Christ,


  1. Happy belated birthday! May it be blessed. Jesus loves you =)

  2. Your birthday is one day before mine!


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