Lucky Number 3...Tagged!

TV/Movie Characters you relate with:
1. Aquamarine. So, I'm not a mermaid, but I relate to her. I can be deep, but when I'm with friends, I like to do crazy things like waving/smiling at random people, dancing in parking lots, and laughing a lot. I can get pretty crazy. ;) I love doing new things. Still, love is a really important thing for me.
2. Susan, from Narnia. She fiercely protects her siblings and is always worried about what the future holds. She struggles with knowing that Aslan/God is always there. She's smart, sometimes bossy, a leader. She's also pretty. :)
3. Katie, from Flicka. I love animals. I'm a good girl on the whole, but if I'm not given enough freedom, I get rebellious. Maybe not so much as this girl, though. Rebellious on a careful level. :)

Three places on you travel list:
1. Italy!! What can I say, I absolutely love Italy. I want to go to Italy on my honeymoon and stay in a place with cobblestone streets and eat spaghetti every day.
2. London. I took a 2-3 hour bus ride through London and it was beautiful! I love how they talk, and the chilly air, and everything!
3. Paris. What girl doesn't want to go to France?

Hit "Shuffle" on your iPod and list out three songs.
1. Love Story - Taylor Swift
2. Beautiful - Bethany Dillon
3. Ghost Ride the Whip - Family Force 5 ;]

Things I'm confused about
1. The Bible
2. Science
3. Love
4. Chapstick, chapped lips, and things like chemistry ;]

Browse your DVD shelf and randomly pick out three movies
1. Lord of the Rings
2. Devil Wears Prada
3. Amazing Grace

3 Things you wish you'd known earlier
1. Delaware is a state, not the captial of New Hampshire
2. The cookies for Santa go to waste.
3. Changing a life is the only way to get one.

If you HAD to date a celebrity who would it be?
ROTFLOL!!! Nick Jonas, of course. Not that you didn't know already.

If you were a celebrity, what would it be for?
Acting. Most definetly. <3

If you could give your blog a facelift, what would you tweak?
I would collect donations. ;] jk


  1. LOL, this is great! Haha, we both relate to susan.. Although I have to say you do a better job describing exactly why. What you said is what I meant to say.

  2. Psh, the cookies for Santa don't go to waste!!! Santa eats them!!! DUH!!! ;) And I love Katie from Flicka, she is amazing for standing up for Flicka... =)

  3. This is such a sweet list! Love that you picked Susan. I heart Narnia too. I've never thought about which Pevensie I'm like ... hmm. Also, Love Story gets a ton of play on my iPod. I think Taylor Swift is fantastic.

  4. Jillian, maybe we're more alike than we thought. ;)
    Paige, how stupid of me. ;)
    Natalie, I agree! Taylor Swift is such a good singer/songwriter.


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