Waterskiing & Sack Races

What are some things you can’t do by yourself? You can’t water-ski, dance the samba, throw a party, kiss, seesaw, win a sack race, get engaged, hug, or learn to drive on our own. By yourself. If any one of us tried, that’d just be weird. We don’t have to think about it. Doing these things alone would just be silly – if not impossible.
There are lots of things you can’t do on your own. Getting closer to God is one of them.
If you tried to seesaw by yourself in a park, any nearby children would be pulled away by mothers who are whispering, "Come on, dear, let’s go home. Don’t make eye contact. Yes, that’s a very nice man. Let’s go." But if you didn’t spend a lot of time with other Christians, what would people think of you? They’d probably just think you were just shy, that you’re introverted, or that it’s just your personality.
We seem to think that, while hosting a party alone is silly, it’s perfectly OK to go about your spiritual journey alone. Ya know what I think of that? I think that’s silly.
Notice I said "we seem to think". Think about that for a moment here. If you take a look at humanity’s past, you can clearly see thinking isn’t something we do well.
We "think" that our walk with God should just be you and God. This actually seems right, at first glance – shouldn’t you be concentrated on God? You should! At the same time, don’t throw fellowship out the door!
Failing to spend time with Christians does not mean it’s your personality. It does not mean you’re shy. Failing to spend time with Christians is like having a strong wall around you, yet there’s one spot where the enemy can squeeze through without being seen.
We can’t make excuses. We can’t say "we don’t have the time". Because, honestly – who doesn’t have time for people? Who doesn’t have time for life? If you don’t have time for life, you have no life at all.
We’ve been talking a lot about wisdom. Well, IMHOP (in my humble opinion), doesn’t it seem wise to finish that wall? Close up that empty space in your wall and in your life. Fill it with people who will build you up and encourage you to invest in a closer relationship with Jesus.
So you think faith should just be between you and God? Well, what does God have to say about that? "Do not give up fellowship with one another, as some have fallen in the habit of doing." Well, OK, God, but… "Serve one another in love." (Galatians 5:13)
God wants you to have an intimate relationship with Him, but He also designed you to enjoy the company of other Christians! Did you catch that? You were designed to enjoy God and His people!
So next time you think of going alone, invite a friend over to do a Bible study with popcorn, or ask your parents what a certain Bible passage means.

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