Coming Together

I think effort is amazing. I think it's amazing when people invest their time and energy to create something beautiful, something worth sharing. I think it's even more amazing when they give it away -- no obligations, no payments. They do it simply because they enjoy it, because they want to serve.

This is the feeling I got last night, when the 3-days of The Butler Did It play was concluded. My eyeliner mustache is wiped off, my tuxedo costume discarded, and I will never ever talk like a guy again. Well, you never know....

I got this sense of elation last night as we all bowed before the audience. I had an overwhelming feeling of accomplishment, as well as pride that I got to work with such amazing people. We recieved no profit from the play, yet we poured out several weeks of our lives to make people laugh.

When people come together with an idea, great things happen. Today at church, my pastor showed us a cool video.

There are some things we just can't do a alone. You can't water-ski, get engaged, see-saw, or have a party by yourself. Almost everything is better with company.

I don't have time to elaborate on this today, but these are just some ponderings to get you thinking.

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