Not Recieving God's Gifts

"The true children of God are those who let God’s spirit lead them." – Paul, in his letter to the Romans

One of the elders of my church preached last Sunday about how you can be a Christian and still miss out on the gifts of Christianity. I didn’t get to hear – I was Princess Regina in a skit, leading children’s church. I did, however, think that it was an interesting thought.
So, if you’re a Christian, you’ve got the Holy Spirit in you. Not only that, but as a Christian, you have eternal life and will someday live in heaven with God. But is it true that you can actually miss out on God’s gifts if you aren’t fully in tune with him?
You can! I know this may not be good news to you, but unless you are walking in faith and giving God your all, you will miss out on some of the wonderful gifts that God is offering you. Let’s explore some of those gifts that you may be missing out on.

Peace. Say good-bye to peace if you aren’t spending daily time with God.
Problems. Bad things happen to everyone. God is willing to help you with your problems, but you have to admit your problems to him first and ask him for his guidance.
Wisdom. If you aren’t reading your bible every day, do you really expect to understand it?

I’ve told you the bare basics of it. There’s a lot more stuff you can scoop out of this topic – do it! And take a look at the journal jots below.
I want to be a true child of God, the kind that Paul describes – a child who loves God and who loves those around me. Are you with me?

Journal Jots:
Can you think of any other gifts you miss out on when you aren’t giving God your all?
After hearing Paul, would you call yourself a true child of God?
What gift do you need to work on more?
Can true peace be found in the world, or must it come from God?
If you were to acquire those gifts, what would you have to do?

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