All or Nothing

Anyone who’s ever met me knows that my dream job is to work at Sea World, San Antonio, as the head marine mammal trainer. Maybe you have a dream job, too. Or maybe you haven’t figured it out yet.
Imagine I just get out of college with my Master’s degree, all excited and jittery about my first job interview. I spot one of Shamu’s impersonators in a tank nearby. I hurry to the office, smooth my pencil-skirt and check my lipstick. Good. I am called in to the office and I am directed to sit in a black leather swivel chair.
My future boss folds his hands and looks at me for a long while. “Mrs. Jonas,” he says, “I have been looking forward to this interview.”
I nod, taking in each word, turning them around in my mind. Does that mean I’m hired? He smells weird. Hey, maybe I’ll be a famous fashion designer for trainers!
“Here’s the thing,” the man says.
My stomach churns.
“You are only kind of hired,” he explains. “Money’s been tight, so that’s the way it’s going to be. Come in tomorrow to work…or not. Money may or may not be involved. We’ll see how things play out.”
My hair sticks out on all ends. “Wait, but—”
He ushers me to the door. “See you tomorrow—or not.”
Uh, HELLO! Not a chance! I refuse to be simply “kind of” hired. I’m either hired or I’m not. There’s no in-between stage.

Your relationship with Jesus works the exact same way. Jesus describes himself clearly to us, showing us that he is the divider between death and life. There is no “in between”. Jesus requires it of you! Are you going to give him your all or nothing? Are you going to live or die? I’m going to be totally honest with you: this is a matter of life or death.

It’s your choice.


  1. Hello Mrs. Nick (right?) Jonas, (LOL, ALL things are possible with God!)
    What a cool analogy. It is so true. All for him, or all for nothing.
    I am glad I found your blog. You're a cool girl Melissa.
    Well, bye!
    Mrs. ?
    aka Jillian

  2. I'm shocked! How did you know? :]
    Thanks. You are, too. I love your blog!

  3. Alot of people think Christianity is like insurance, like, it won't hurt to "get saved" and then if God and Jesus are really true, don't worry, they're covered. People need to realize that they can't follow Jesus and live like the world at the same time. Very good message, you hit the hammer on the nail. - Bob

  4. I totally agree! I once thought that it'd be really easy to convince someone to be a Christian, because they might as well so that they'll "get "saved". Now I realize that you have to truly believe.

  5. HAHA!! That was PERFECT! I totally wasn't expecting the 'Mrs. Jonas!' But then again, I should have. Great example BTW!


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