From Theory to Reality

Do you claim something, but don't live up to it? Like I claim to be a semi-vegetarian, but really I just refuse to eat hot dogs, sausage, and tasteless pork.
On the TV show Smallville, a couple had claimed to have broken up, but there was still an awkward presence between them. The guy finally said, "You know, there’s breaking up in theory, then there’s the point where you actually do it."
I think he made a good point. I’m still thinking about it, but I’m thinking that he’s right. There is being or doing something in theory, and then there is actually following through it. Proving it.
One example is being a great friend. You can say, "I’m a great friend" and never live up to it. Then there’s the point when you actually be a great friend and honor what you said.
What about this? "I’m a strong Christian." The next day you go out and party and give into temptations that a strong Christian would be able to conquer (with God’s help).
Even more…. "I’m on fire for Jesus. I live my life for Him." But…are you really on fire for Jesus? (Yes? Ok, then why are you sitting at the computer holding a bag of Doritos?) Are you really living your life for Him?
There is living for God in theory, then there is actually going out and doing it. Yeah, it’s great that you believe in Him. But why not take it to the next level? Why not actually prove that you believe? Prove that you’re a servant of Christ. Live it out.
You know all about the Theory of Evolution. It’s just that. A theory. No one has ever or will ever be able to prove it. So there is the Theory of Evolution, and then, if it was true, there would be actual Evolution. But it isn’t true, so it’s nothing but a theory. Which means it’s nothing at all.
Is your faith like that? Just a theory? Can you prove that your faith is more than that? Can anyone? If your faith isn’t real and working, then it’s just a theory. Which means it’s nothing at all.
Today, reflect on your faith. Ask God to help you change it from theory to reality.

  • What in my life -- from being a good friend to being a good student, being a vegetarian to having solid faith -- have I been living in theory?
  • Can I prove that it's not just theory? How?
  • Am I really living for Jesus, or is it just a theory?
  • How can I change my faith, or anything I deal with, from theory to reality?


  1. I really reccomend the book DragonSpell by Donita K. Paul. It doesn't sound like the most spiritual book, or have to do w/ this topic, but it's based upon God, His Son, and the ways to live for Him. it's a fantisy fiction w/ a core of eternal truth!

  2. Sounds really cool. I love fantasy books, especially ones with "a core of eternal truth!" lol I'll look into it.


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