The Boy with Crutches

At Sky Ranch I learned an unexpected lesson. It wasn't in the Bible study but instead in the way someone treated me that got me thinking about how we treat other people.

There was this cute guy on crutches. He had some disease that affected his ankle and he couldn't run or jump. One thing that was really cool -- he never complained about not getting to run around with the guys in his cabin. He was always positive.
I was going to an optional bible study and wondering whether I should open the door for him. I decided against it -- maybe he would be offended, I didn't know. Instead, he set down one of his crutches and opened the door for me. Me, a girl who as far as he knew had cooties and was perfectly able to open the door myself.
I don't know why that made me so happy. Just that act of kindness and selflessness was so cool.
I realized I should be more like that. When something's wrong in my life, I focus on that instead of searching for other hurting people and helping them. I'm asking God to give me opportunities to help people instead of worrying about myself. I hope you'll do the same.


  1. Wow, that is totally and completely awesome! Thanks for posting, it's started a whole new line of thoughts :) I guess I should be opening doors more and helping others with even just the simple stuff. It'll start something in me that I've been praying about for a while - a selfless, kind, and helpful spirit that keeps me going even when my help is unwanted and rejected. I guess it wouldn't hurt to sprinkle in a little perseverance and patience in there either :) I hope this summer will be eye opening for me cuse my classmates are the most selfish bunch in... allot of places. They're not the worst group of people I've ever met but they can still get me pretty worked up. But then it takes two people to fight so I'm also at fault. So this summer might give me a break from them, perseverance as well as a serving spirit and build me back up. The only thing that I'm looking forward to next year is that we're finally getting a soccer team. Hopefully I'll get a chance to learn and improve then. After that I was thinking of doing home school but it just won't work. I really hope camp and the rest of the summer will lift me back up and get me back on track with GOD and doing His will. A lot of the time I realize that no one really cares about me. I mean, no one would notice if my hair was all wacko or if I forgot to shave in the morning or anything else. I can see that because I don't care about those things when I see my friends and if something is wrong I still love them whether or not something doesn't look right. I just don't believe myself sometimes :P Oops sorry for the long comment. Sometimes I can really get carried away :) Jesus loves you!

  2. That was longer than my post! lol I love long comments though.
    Yeah, once I opened a door for an old guy, and he was so happy. He had this big smile on his face and said I'm a dying breed. He meant most people our age don't care about other people or at least don't show it. I was surprised at how much that meant to him, just being so kind as opening a door. I mean, people, it's not that hard to do. And now I know that feeling when that boy opened the door for me...it's just nice to know that someone cares.
    I think we should all go the extra mile to make someone's life a little more pleasant. You don't have to save their life. Just CARE.

  3. Hey-
    I was there at session two in Parks Hall and I actually talked to that guy one day. He was very positive... I would've been totally distraught!! I was totally amazed... how that guy could be that happy with the condition he was in!! You went to Journey, right?? What day?? I never went to Journey, although if I could reverse time I would go there every single day for Mish Mash!!! I really do think that God was shining through him. He was amazing!! And CUTE!!!

  4. Please don't tell him I wrote this! haha
    Yeah, I think he went to Journey every day but I'm not sure...I only went 2 days and I regret that I didn't go more.
    I never got to talk to him but I wish I did. (Hey, better luck next year! lol)

  5. i won't... And I bet he did go to Journey everyday last week. He was soo cool! I only wish I would've gotten to know him better, and not just the condition of his ankle. He was so positive and wanting to do other things for people that could actually run around and play and do pretty much everything for thimselves. Like when I talked to him, he told me the basics and then walked away- like he didn't want to talk about himself anymore. (Either that or he really didn't like me!!)I was just astounded!

  6. Wow, what a great guy, what a great reminder. I don't even know him, but you can so tell by this post that he was totally all for God! (and as my mom would say, "raised right!") I wish every teenage guy could read this.
    Yeah, i've definately noticed that when you work up the 'great effort' to help someone or open a door, and smile, you can totally change their day!


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