Praise: Just Not Feelin' It

Ya know those praise songs in your church that just make you yawn? You know, the one that the praise band must have played a billion times. Yeah, our God is an awesome God. We know that because of the song that sings it over and over and over until the old lady in the pew is snoring in your ear.

Don’t get me wrong – it’s a very nice song. But there are other songs that, let’s face it, don’t get us pumped about God. The girl whispering to her friends during praise – that’s you, isn’t it? Or maybe you’re the guy standing over there, checking your watch to see if worship is running long, wondering why everyone around you is raising their hands and closing their eyes. Weird.

Songs are written from the heart, from the pen of a blind woman who’s trusting God to light her path, from the mind of a man who’s lost his family and fortune and yet is still sticking with God because he knows that he’s being cared for.

Sometimes a certain song doesn’t mean much to you, but to someone else, it hits home. People relate to songs. When your guy dumps you and you hear Taylor Swift singing about her latest breakup, you know the emotion behind those words. When you’re singing to God, the emotion is extra-strong and the words are very true. They are close to your heart.

So next time you’re the dude wondering why that man’s eyes are closed or why that woman’s hands are raised, remember that even if a song doesn’t mean much to you, it means a whole lot to someone else. It’s what they needed to hear that week. And that’s something to praise God about.


  1. Yeah, there are a few songs that just get boring after a while. Like when I'm practicing my guitar, I often play and sing praise songs. But after I've played those over and over again, I just can't get into the worship attitude anymore. I guess I just have to focus on the words instead of the music or find new songs. Thanks for the post though :) it helped me to see that it's not all about me and others can be helped even if it's a bore for me. Jesus loves you! :)

  2. Someone recommended to me Taylor Swift songs. Before I listen to her, can I get your opinion on her? I'm not too sure if I want to listen to her music. I'm quite cautious when it comes to secular music.


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