The Mystery & Glory of God's Plan

He held up the book then. "I’m reading it to you for relax."
"Has it got any sports in it?"
"Fencing. Fighting. Torture. Poison. True love. Hate. Revenge. Giants. Hunters. Bad men. Good men. Beautiful ladies. Snakes. Spiders…Pain. Death. Brave men. Cowardly men. Strongest men. Chases. Escapes. Lies. Truths. Passion. Miracles."
"Sounds okay," I said, and I kind of closed my eyes.
William Goldman, The Princess Bride

When I was younger, I used to read the Nancy Drew books – all the time. And, honestly, I could never guess who-dun-it or why. In fact, throughout the whole book I was clueless. I could not get my mind around the mystery. Yet I enjoyed every minute of it anyway, and when I had finished the last page I would set the book down, satisfied.
The mystery of God’s plan is even harder to crack. In fact, it’s impossible for our minds to fully know God’s plan. But we can follow it. And we can know the final chapter, where God banishes sin to Hell and takes the Christians to Heaven where they live forever. The final result is no mystery to us because God has revealed His plan to us.
But if there are people involved in that plan who don’t work to fulfill God’s plan, then they are basically dead. Spiritually dead. They don’t know where they are going or why, mainly because they are not going anywhere at all. They are stuck in one place because they aren’t, as Paul would say, fighting the good fight.
If you want to be involved in God’s amazing plan, you have to work to see it through. Of course you’ll have God’s help, but everyone needs to do their part.
I read the whole book of Ephesians today and really want to share it with you. I loved it, and I hope you will, too. We’re going to look at Ephesians later and see how you and I fit into God’s plan.
Are you with me?


  1. Wow, I can tell that you're going to be an amazing youth pastor or youth worker person :P sorry I momentarily forgot the proper word. But that was incredible! You should definitely help teach youth when you're in high school, college, or even now! I can't stop thinking how amazing this blog is and what a beautiful creation GOD is making you. Keep living for GOD :) Jesus loves you!

  2. aww thanks! I would love to do that! I am really passionate about sharing my story and seeing others shine for God. You are one of those people. :)


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