Sky Ranch!

I just got back from Sky Ranch! It was an amazing experience with wonderful campers and amazing counselors who were so open in sharing their wisdom and what God has done in their lives.
That is why I haven’t been on for like, a week. I’m so sorry, but I’m so glad I was able to go. I’m so excited to share with you everything I’ve learned! Yes, I will share everything I learned about God and people with YOU, but to experience one of Texas’ longest zip lines, coolest water slides, most fun lakes, and more, you have to sign up for Sky Ranch! They’re located in Texas, Colorado, and Oklahoma. It costs a lot of money, but it is totally worth it. Do lots of chores for people in your neighborhood if you’re parents won’t pay the fee.
Have an amazing experience at skyranch.org


  1. Anxiously anticipating an amazing adventure report! :P couldn't quite structure it right. Anyways can't wait to hear how it went. Though I advice you to post it before Friday for I'm gonna be outta here and at camp myself. :) I'm leaving as soon as the school's last bell of the year rings! But my dad has to drive us there so please pray for him because he's strained something in his back or neck and a 16 hour drive won't be too kind on them. I'm afraid that my summer is already booked or I won't be around that area when I do have free time. :( Maybe one of the next years. Jesus loves you! :)

  2. You're so sweet. :b

    I'll try to give you that amazing adventure report, but it's one of those things that it's so hard to describe accurately because nobody understands how awesome you feel...that happens a lot to me lol.
    I'll definetly pray for your dad! Have fun on your summer break! Remember to make it matter.

  3. Ooh! i also recomend PineCove in Tyler, Tx, and Lone Tree. My church youth groups go to all 3 of those camps once a year. I was amazed at how much closer i got 2 God and my friends!


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