Building Houses in the Sand

Remember in my last post, I talked about my trip to Galveston and seeing so many businesses and homes destroyed? I asked you what you would do if everything you ever worked for disappeared before your eyes.
The homes that line the beach in Galveston all have one thing in common: they are built on stilts to prevent flooding. Still, they are built in the sand, so there's always some danger of too much water or wind.
Remember that song when you were little? "The foolish man built his house upon the sand...." The wise man built his house upon the rock. When a storm came, the wise man's house stood firm, but the foolish man's house was washed away.
Why? The wise man had a firm foundation in solid rock. His house couldn't be shaken. But the foolish man placed everything he had in the sand, and it wasn't away. His house was shaky and unsteady, always changing.
Life is a lot like that. It boils down to where you put your heart. Is your life in sand -- shaky, unsteady, and unable to last? Or is your life built on the solid Rock of your Lord Jesus -- firm, steady, and able to withstand anything?
I would say my house is in dirt. Not quite as loose as sand, but definetly not as steady as rock. I'm with Jesus some of the way, but not all the way. It's wrong, but that's where I am right now.
Good news, though. I'm in the process of moving. I'm tired of my old home, my old life. I've found a nice place just for me in the Rock, in Jesus. I've been invited to live with Him -- all expenses paid -- forever. All I need to do is move. I need to move my life, my heart, my values, everything...and give it to Jesus. Anything that won't fit in my new home -- like movies I shouldn't watch, music I shouldn't listen to, things I shouldn't say -- is just going to be thrown out to make room for the new, better stuff Jesus will give me -- peace, compassion, and definetly better music. My old ways will just have to go because -- you probably didn't know this -- Jesus is a proffessional interior designer. He's had lots of experience. He can rearrange my life and show me knew ways to do this and that so that everything -- including my heart -- is in the right place.
Jesus has invited you to move in with Him in His awesome house. He doesn't care if your current decorating style is cliche or downright ugly -- He'll turn that around and show you the new and better way.
So evaluate your life right now. Where are you? Stuck in the sand? Or standing on the Rock?


  1. I love your analogies! They're always so creative and... seemingly perfect :) I think I'm kinda in the dirt stage too. I just can't seem to let go all the way and give it all to GOD. The past few years have been a 'moving' process, sorry to steal your example thing :P In my heart I have the recurring theme of sin. Real ugly. But I'm really lazy and am having a hard time picking things up and tossing them out. GOD is the only One who can. Who knows, they might be too toxic or something :P I can't wait to get Home where everything will be perfect and I'll be with my Daddy :) Great post! Jesus loves you! :)

  2. I think most people, if they have a relationship with Jesus at all, are in the dirt. The problem is some of them don't even want to move to a better place, to firmer ground. They think that it isn't going to get better or worse than this, so why change? They're missing out. You have to seek God and push yourself to WANT to live with Him. I don't want to settle for what "most people" have. I don't want to settle for an average relationship with Jesus. I want the whole enchilada, the complete package. I want everything Jesus is offering me. I want to be filled with Him so that there's no room for anything else. I can see the Rock, I know that it's there, and I know that if I keep pushing forward I will reach Him.

  3. I am trying to reach Him but it's impossible, without His help. I have the worst time trusting Him and relying on Him. Please pray :) I want to want to let Him take full control and I have for a long time. I'm just not sure if I have finally reached the point where I do want to give it all to Him. If I saw a glimpse of our Father, I'd die, but beside that, I'd let nothing stop me. Well Satan could convince me that it was just a dream. I guess the best way is just to believe for Jesus once said 'Blessed are the ones who believe yet do not see'. I've been experiencing pretty bad things and I'm craving that Living Water and praying that He'll fill me up till I'm overflowing with the Fruit of the Spirit. They are so accurate in what I want to be producing. They cover everything essentially! I keep finding myself in spiritually dry times where I encounter storms, experience doubts, and am awakened to even more weaknesses and faults. I just have to rely on GOD's strength and , most importantly, remember to ask Him for it. I have the worst memory around. Sorry I keep talking on and on and on but I really like talking about GOD. :) Who wouldn't? I guess I could point out a bunch of people. But then I could also finger myself for not starting the conversations. I need not be afraid, I just need to step out in faith and show my peers I care about the most important thing in life and after death: my Jesus. Jesus loves you! :)

  4. I'll definetly pray! I think we should all pray for each other to grow stronger and invest in other people's lives.


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