Gone to the Beach

I’m driving to Galveston tomorrow (not to worry, I’m not behind the wheel) with my family so I won’t be here for a few days. Then my friends are coming over for a week, so I honestly don’t know when I’ll get to update my 2 blogs. So if you’re wondering where I’ve been or coming to the conclusion that I’ve been abducted by aliens, I plead, do not worry. Of course, I might be eaten by a shark or run away and join the pod of dolphins residing in Galveston; but if this happens, my dad will notify you so you can mourn my parting properly.
While I’m gone, I have a few wishes. First, if you go on a trip, I want the details in my chat box! Second, feel free to leave me well-wishes for safe travel. :) Third, keep reading your Bibles and share with me what you’ve been reading when I get back, because I will most likely be feeling deprived of my readers. Lastly, when I come back to you, a few exclamations of, "OMB MELISSA WE MISSED YOU SO MUCH! OUR LIVES HAVE BEEN SO DULL WITHOUT YOU!" Yes, that would be nice. :)

Your Sister in Christ,


  1. Unless, of course, I also get eaten by a shark or run away and join the pod of dolphins residing in Galveston. Okay, the second part -- not so much.

  2. :) I can't see you running away with dolphins.

  3. Well, have fun :) I guess you're already aware of the shark problem so... don't get struck by lighting! :P Jesus loves you!

  4. Haha no sign of rain here at all!!


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