My brothers and one of my sisters were baptized today at a pool party! The girl, Jessie, was scared of drowning [in 3-foot-deep water] but finally she decided she would do it.
My dad spoke about our youngest, Abigail: "I knew that Abigail wasn’t ready to be baptized when I asked her if she had ever sinned or done anything wrong – and she told me twice that she had never."
I wanted to make some points about baptism. You probably know these, but sometimes we need to be reminded.
Baptism is a symbol of your old self dying like Jesus died (when you go underwater) and living a new life in Christ, free of sin, just like Jesus rose from the dead.
Baptism is a command. Even Jesus, who was perfect, was baptized – and God was pleased with Him!
If you don’t get baptized, you’re still a Christian.
If you do get baptized, it doesn’t mean you’re a Christian.

If you chose to get baptized, you’ll probably get a Bible as a gift. Use it! Don’t let it sit on a shelf. Read about Jesus’ baptism in the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John) and then about Jesus’ death and resurrection. If any passages jump out at you, let me know!


  1. Wow, that's great! I was baptized on the 4th of July at a pool party too :) Though I already had a Bible so I didn't receive another one. I'm glad that I did it though :) It's not a thing that I would brag about, I'm not quite sure why. I mean I guess I should, kinda like bragging about being Christ's child but not like 'I got baptized on the Fourth. I bet you didn't get baptized on the Fourth. It was all great and stuff, I really felt GOD's spirit moving in me. Have you ever felt...' I guess I'm always afraid of what people think my motives are. But the most recurring command in the Bible is GOD or Jesus or a heavenly being saying 'Do not fear' or something meaning the same thing. I guess that's GOD saying 'Do not fear. Trust in Me. I am in control and nothing can stop that. What I bring into your life is there for a reason. I have the best in mind for you.' Isn't that totally rad?? That's completely awesome :) Jesus loves you! and is in control

  2. That is awesome and, uh, "rad"! :)

  3. Melissa I had so much fun at their Baptizm. It was so sweet!


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