After the Storm

I've been thinking... Ya know that hurricane in Galveston? It flooded the island, rose above the seawall, and destroyed many family businesses and homes. Can you imagine pouring all your life -- your sweat and time and money -- into a shop and then it's all swept away in an instant? Or what about the man who worked hard to build a house for his family, just to see it gone in one fell swoop? Everything you've worked for...everything you had...gone. No more than a memory.
And after the storm, you dust off uour jeans and start all over. A new beginning, a new chance. I don't know if I could do that. I think some people would just give up. What would YOU do? Just a thought. Gotta get on a tour now. Catch ya later, ok?

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  1. Hmm, now this sounds like a story I know very well. *singing* the rain came down and the floods came up... or something like that. Though I'd be more prone to have my house felled by some wicked earthquake... I'm not quite sure how my family could start over. I mean we've moved around some -last time was about 3 years ago- but it might take a while to get a new house and all. Most of my possessions I don't care to lose but I'd hate to lose my guitar, collection of CDs and my mp3 player. I guess I'm really attached to music :) never saw that before. It's pretty sad that so many people, every year, get their houses destroyed by floods, tornadoes, and hurricanes. And many people get killed too. I guess since I know my Jesus I can trust Him to help me get a new home and necessities. If He can clothe the flowers everyday and feed all the sparrows, surely He will take care of me :) Hope you had fun on the tour (by the time you read this you'll have finished. Most probably :) Jesus loves you!


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