The Voice of Andronicus

"Do your worst, I am a Christian. Christ is my help and supporter, and thus armed I will never serve your gods nor do I fear your authority or that of your master, the Emperor. Commence your torments as soon as you please, and make use of every means that your malignity can invent, and you shall find in the end that I am not to be shaken from my resolution."
- Andronicus, Roman Empire, 303 AD
Andronicus was thrown into prison because he was unwilling to deny the Christian faith. He was whipped and his bleeding wounds were rubbed with salt. He was brought out of prison and tortured again, thrown to the wild beasts, and finally killed with a sword. This brave martyr was steadfast to the end. - Jesus Freaks, DC Talk


  1. Awesomeness to the max! I'd give it twenty awesomes :) Andronicus is my new hero :D That is Exactly how strong I want to be in my faith. With a capitol E! :P Thanks so much for sharing! I need to read that book. Jesus loves you! :)

  2. I know -- his faith is amazing. I've read this several times over, and I've wondered: "If I was faced with a simillar situation, would I have that attitude?" I love how he says, "And thus armed [with Christ] I will never serve your Gods nor do I fear your authority." 'Andy' knew that whatever these guys would throw at him, he had Christ to protect him and nothing could really harm him. How cool is that?


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