Gingerbread Houses

Today my youth leader brought 2 gingerbread houses to church. (I'm not one for the stale walls -- I prefer the sugar-coated gumdrops).
I wonder, what would happen to a gingerbread house if no one ate it? Now, let's say this gingerbread house was a perfectly good house, all sweet and sugary and good. No one was unhappy when sheltered by it.
But Mr. and Mrs. Gingerbread left their house to explore new things, dangerous things and dangerous places. Within time, their perfectly good house fell into disrepair. The gum-drops grew hard, the walls crumbled, the icing melted and the lemon-drops dissolved into a puddle of yellow coconut snow. (Sometimes it's ok to eat yellow snow.)
What had happened to the house? It was perfectly good, and then, when no one tended it, the house became useless and unwanted.
Isn't that gingerbread house kind of like our hearts? When we abondon our hearts and don't use them and continue to make repairs to improve them, they become useless. Purposeless. Nothing. Like the Grinch's heart. 3 sizes too small.
So what are we to do?
Use your heart! Show love to people! Continue to make yourself stronger in Christ. Those two things are your purposes. Living out God's plan for you. What could be better?


  1. ha, good illustration. Made me laugh and then think.

  2. Love the part about yellow snow. *wink* But after that, it was a good message. :)

  3. Very good illustration. That's good when you can apply Biblical teaching to the stuff you do and see all the time. What did you mean by "Sometimes it's ok to eat yellow snow". I thought everyone knew that:) - Bob

  4. Thanks, everyone! Lol. I find inspiration in odd places sometimes.


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