All I Need is You

Congrats to my 7th follower! Thanks! I hope this blog inspires you to do something for God. :]

This is a poem Rachel and I found in her room when we were going through her old notebooks. It's really sweet and about her grandma dying which made me nearly cry so yeah.

All I Need is You
by Rachel V.

I see the rain falling outside my window.
I hear the hail hitting my window.
These dark black clouds keep me away from you.
It's like a shield parting me from you.
And this is the time that I must stand strong.
The time I must hold the tears back.
And I'll do it all for you because
I miss you, I love you, I'm trying to live my life without you.
So now take my hand and pull me along all I need is you.
During the day a tear will run down my face,
that's a sign that I'm thinking of you.
I know you are thinking of me, too.

I was wondering...what if we had this relationship with Jesus? He died...for you. And it was sad -- the worst death anyone could die...yet it was the one who would set the world free of sin, if they just believe. Think how Mary Magdalene and Mary and Joseph and Martha and the Twelve and all those people who loved Jesus so much...how did they feel?
And yet, Jesus didn't stay dead. Just like Rachel's grandma is not dead -- she's in heaven, with Jesus.
If we had that kind of sweet, loving, hold me relationship with Jesus, we'd be stronger, happier people. We'd be loved.


  1. Wow, if this were a poem for Jesus, it puts a whole new feeling into it. I wish everyone could view Jesus that way including myself. Tell Rachel I said thanks. Great simple post. - Bob

  2. Hey, thanks!
    I like your blogs a lot. They are neat. I'm having way too much fun with my blog. I only just started it last week. Em first introduced me to your blog.
    Have you read mine yet? No pressure, just wondering.

  3. Jillian,
    No, I haven't, but I'll definetly check it out.
    Em, you're great with the traffic flow stuff. :] Love ya.


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