Updates to Come

I redid my Girls for God blog -- check it out! -- and I personally think it looks a lot better, more unique. So, I'm thinking about giving One Voice a makeover as well -- any suggestions? Do you know any good layout sites? Also, what would you like in the layout? Maybe I can arrange something.

Since I plan to redo this blog, we might as well make it even better by improving it. What kind of things would you NOT like to see here anymore, and what would you love to see that we haven't done yet? What would you love to see more of? Every single comment you make, every thing you do here helps this blog grow bigger and better, all for you and for Jesus. I REALLY want to know your opinion -- on everything!

And please don't forget to read whenever you can (I update almost every day), tell your friends, comment, rate, and follow.


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  1. Thanks for the encouragement. That post I wrote was a book review, that's why it's under "reviews" in my labels. Nice new look here. Some of the text color is a little bit hard to see like the light green quote, the blue lettering, and your orange post title. I hope you understand that I'm giving you my ideas to make your blog better, not critisizing your artistic skills:) - Bob


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