Edward Cullen's Hair

So I'm at my friend Rachel's house and she is totally obsessed with Twilight...I knew it would happen someday. She is now calling me mean. Shut up, Rachel! Stop laughing at me! Shut up! (She told me to spell shuishuishui...?)
Anyway, I wanted to know what you guys thought about Twilight...the movie, the books, Edward's hair....everything.
Are you allowed to see the movie/read the books? Why or why not? Do you think it is um...anti-Christian or whatever to read them?


  1. He got a haircut, you know.


  2. Yeah he looks really...not so cool now. :]
    I think Rachel is still in love with him, though. :]

  3. My cousin Clare thinks Twilight is stupid. (sorry fans) She went to see the movie with her obsessed friend and made fun of all the other girls by being loud and 'freaking out' over Edward or whatever his name is. I know, rude, but when she tells the story it HILARIOUS!
    I think the books are okay for anyone who likes that kinda thing. It's just not what I"m interested in. I've heard that the movie has some inapropriate things in it. *shrugs* it's up to you and your parents.

  4. Yeah, like, I'd love to see the movie, but that's not my biggest New Year's resolution. I'd love to read the books, like LOVE to, but, yeah. It's up to Dad. (He's the expert media-parent in my household.)

  5. I am in NO WAY allowed to watch those movies or read the books, are you kidding me? They are so totally inappropriate. And un-christian. You should read what Leslie Ludy says about them. As always, go Leslie!!


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