I'm an Achiever!

Do you ever laugh at how dumb you were as a little kid? When I was about seven, my friend's dad gave me a purple pencil box with pencils in it that said "I'm an Achiever!" And for some bizarre reason, that touched me. Touched me. Cheesy, I know. What actually ran through my tiny seven-year-old brain was: Wow, he thinks I'm an achiever! He thinks I'm smart! Elated, I showed my mom and dad the pencils. "Mr. Andy thinks I'm an achiever," I told them proudly. "Isn't that nice of him?" Mom just said, "Mmmmm..." and Dad was silent.


  1. Not dumb at all :) Only extra positive!

  2. I don't recall that, but I definitely think you are an achiever.

  3. I used to collect pencils all the time. I still have a collection from when I was seven =) My favorite was one with the starter symbol on it. Jesus loves you! =)


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