happiest day ever.

I logged onto Blogger today to change my header, when WHAT DO YOU KNOW something AMAZING caught my eye.
What is so ingeniously incomprehendibly wonderful, you ask?
Blogger added like a gazillion new beautiful fonts to the list of choices. YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW HAPPY THAT MAKES ME. I went through every single one about three times, trying so hard to decide. They are all so beautiful. Of course I'm going to memorize them. I'll probably change this blog's font every week, just to keep you guessing. I feel like a whole new world has just been opened up to me. I might just burst into a song from Aladdin.
Or not.


  1. Hey, I emailed you. I didn't know which email to send it to. P.S. Check out my blog!

  2. Excellent news for the font queen. ;)


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