Another day wasted...

I spent all of yesterday sitting on my sister's dresser in front of the radio while [trying, and failing] to do school, all in the hopes of being that glorious caller #9 and winning the contest and going to dinner with the one and only tobyMAC, of whom I have his entire discography and dream about meeting him (and Taylor Lautner -- either one would do, for different reasons of course). But alas, my efforts were in vain and I have absolutely nothing of interest to report to you. There was a chance for a question and answer session with Toby, which of course would have been posted on my blog right away so the whole world would see what great friends we are.
But no.
Apparently we are not good friends at all.
So if you are one of the lucky caller #9s who stole my rightful position as dinner guest of tobyMAC, I have nothing further to say to you. (Except that if you get his number, could you give it to me? It's only fair.)
And tobyMAC, if you're reading this (which you're probably not, why should I even hope?), all I can say is that I tried.

God Bless,


  1. There will always be a next time.

  2. Awww, I totally feel you on that one. Getting to meet Toby would have been awesome! I it when I try so hard to win something and then I don't. You feel so bad for spending so long trying something that didn't even pay off. Anyway, totally feel your pain.

    KK from IA

  3. Aww, well at least you tried =) Allot of artists have blogs and stuff places or on their websites so you can probably read those and still talk to him over the Internet. It's not the same but I find it pretty amazing that you can talk to amazing bands on their blogs! Unfortunately, allot of bands are switching their blogs from Blogger to some other place =( oh well, they still have them =) Jesus loves you!


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