Snow is God being Awesome

White, powdery flakes of heaven falling from the sky, the dreams and smiles of angels. History is made as snow falls heavy in 49 states, a feat never before accomplished. I think God is happy.

It's snowing in Texas. Two contradictions is too much for one person. There is never actual, full-bragging right worthy, perfect snow in Texas. Never. We're breaking records, baby. One freaking foot of snow. It's awesome. - Melissa


  1. Haha, I would rejoice with you...except I live in Iowa...where we have had snow constantly for the past like 4 months...and it is snowing again right now, lol. But no, I am really excited for you! Even though I a bit sick of the snow at the moment, I would never move from Iowa because I love living here! And I love snow too! (except when it is so cold you can't even go outside and do anything with it, which is what it has been like the past month, lol). Anyway, rejoicing with you!

    KK from IA

  2. Wow, I heard that it snowed in Texas before either this year or the end of last year too... maybe not. It's weird here though, not very much snow for very long. Right now it feels like spring like in the 60s or something... pretty amazing! =) Jesus loves you!

  3. KK, Iowa's nice. I like it there, sort of. =)

    Tuna, it snowed at my nana's house last year for Christmas but not ours. Every year we get a bit of sleet or snowflakes but things don't tend to stick around. This year it was different.:)


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