Facial Hair

My first-ever friend Rachel and I have spent the last few days filming a video. A video of what, you may ask? It's sort of embarassing to admit, but it was meant to be a spoof on Miley Cyrus's 7 Things...but then it kind of evolved into something else due to my creative whimsy and her aptness to push me even farther off the edge. OK, so it's pretty far from the original idea of the video.
In this video, we feature more of the guy that Miley is dissing (poor Nick) than her, but we didn't want it to look like Nick. So both of us whipped out my mascara and drew mustaches and beards on our faces. Mine looked pretty good.
While I am cross-dressing in a guy shirt and tight girl jeans, with my hair pulled back in a short ponytail and my dad's heart tie around my neck, my mom comes up to us and says, "Go open the door for the pizza man."
So I start squealing and saying, "Oh my gosh!" because my mom has obviously walked off with no intention of coming back. I probably looked really gay. I give Rachel a shove toward the door and the pizza man greets her with: "Nice moustache."
All my siblings are gathered around the door, saying "Oh my gosh" and "You guys are crazy" and "Melissa get out here now". I grab the camera and stretch my arm out across the door (safely out of sight) to capture the moment.
Now I feel sorry for that poor pizza man -- probably some college kid who just wanted to go home and eat anything but pizza. Today he can go back to work and say that he met two teenage girls with major facial hair, was bombarded by noisy kids, and videotaped without his consent. I bet he's thinking he needs a better job.


  1. Bahahahaha! That's amazing!!! I literally lol-ed! So glad that didn't happen when the hoover girls and I were bearded for *our* short film... Oh my stars...how funny...


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