Toy Story 3, Algebra, and Coffee

Wow, this week has been so fun. I went to grab a coffee with Rachel...not that I particularly like coffee...and ordered "something with peppermint and whip cream with a little bit of coffee but more sweet than bitter...like a lot of sweetness, OK?" I know what the barista was thinking: This girl is not a "regular".

On a more awesome note, I saw the premiere of Toy Story 3! Oh my blog, you xHAVE to see that movie. It's EPIC. And Rachel cried, which I thought was super funny. The sad thing is that I really identified with Barbie.

I have never seen a premiere of anything until now. Today I'm going back home, and then I'm going back to Rachel's to see the midnight premiere of...ECLIPSE. We're going to make a documentary. Be prepared.


  1. you don't go to a public high school? :/

  2. I've been waiting for that movie for about 11 years!! I have to go see it,
    even though my parents are mocking the idea....

    I WILL reply to your email soon. I've been touring around, haha.
    Went to several retreats and such. I feel I have a vision of some sort...
    But anyway, it's hurting my mail replying skills!

    One Voice is looking GORGEOUS.

    Melissa, darlin', I MUST teach you coffee-speak. That won't cut it.

    What does this have to do with algebra?

  3. Jillian,
    Thanks! Yes, I know, my coffee-speak could use some work. But it was yummy anyway.:)


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