8 Questions

1) If you could go ANYWHERE in the world, where would it be and why?
Some tiny uninhabited island with dolphins and birds.

2) If you were a tree, would kind would you be?
A cherry blossom tree.

3) Would you rather skydive or explore a deep, dark cave? (why)
Skydiving. I am deathly afraid of the dark and sleep with a nightlight which I pretend is for my little siblings. And I am also afraid of the Loch-Ness-Monster-wannabes that live in water inside caves.

4) If you could wear clothing from any time period (without being seen as odd), what would it be?
Who cares about being odd. Seriously, I am odd and I'll own up to it. That being said, I love the 80's. Or the 1700s. Either one will do. Maybe a fusion of both...?

5) Would you be willing to sing an opera song at the top of your lungs in the middle of a mall for a hundred dollars?
I'd do it for $20, sweetie.

6) Would you rather have an amazing castle beside a lake or a cottage by the sea? (why?)
Castle. Because then I'd invite Maddy, Morgan, Becca, and Katie, and we'd all go over to my place and make that castle-y movie like we always wanted. And I would so love to rub it in Morgan's face that I, her little punk almost-sister, was the one who ended up with the castle in Scotland. Bazinga, Morgan. Bazinga.

7) If you could change your hair color to any color, what would it be?
RED! It is my dream to wake up one day with pale skin and flaming red hair.

8) Would you rather live in a tree house or fly away with a balloon?
Tree house. Fly away with a balloon? Eventually it would pop, and that would end all the fun.


  1. Um, I'm bored so I'll do it too =P
    1) Honestly, I'm pretty content right here. But it would be really sweet if I could to Palm Beach Atlantic's campus and see my best friend. Too bad I have to wait till Christmas =/

    2)Cherry blossom sounds pretty sweet. I actually think I'll have to go with that.

    3)Skydive, definitely (ha, the first time I wrote it I forgot the v =P). Caves are... eh, depends on who you go with =P

    4)Actually probably right now cuse there's just so much and technically you can wear anything so... but I like awesome tshirts and baggy jeans. Sometimes a hoodie too.

    5) No, not really, but I'd play a guitar version of an opera song for even $20 =P

    6)I think cottage by the sea cuse cottages rock and seas are awesome and blue. My late grandpa owned a cottage on a lake (so technically now it's ours... =( but it's not the same.

    7) Um, it's already black so... I might try red through, or maybe black with blue highlights or whatever guys get =P

    8) Fly away with a balloon. Cuse balloons are awesome.

    There we go! Thanks for putting this up =) Jesus loves you!

  2. Ok Melissa, I'm answering your questions.

    1. ENGLAND! becuz, like, England rox and its my major dream to move there and become a writer/missionary.
    2. weeping willow, cuz they're my fave! i can just picture me, a weeping willow tree, next to a glass-like lake/pond, with white wicker furniture under my branches. ahhh.....
    3.uhhhh? do i have to choose? I'd say neither. ya, i'm a chicken..... LOL
    4. Oh, this is amazing! totally totally 1950's! whoohoo! love th 50's!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;D
    5. oh maybe.
    6. totally a cottage by the sea, somewhere in England. it sounds so peaceful and wonderful!
    7. I'd have to go with red too, Melissa! I kind of have reddish tints in my hair, so ya. and love creamy pale skin with red hair! awesome...
    8. tree house, like Swiss Family Robinson! cool beans!!! :)

  3. Tunafish,

    I love England, too!


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