Building a Better Burger

Ok, you've got all the toppings right there, and they look delicious: you've got lettuce, pickles, tomatoes, mayo, mustard, ketchup, cheese, and, of course, the bun. Yum.

Now, the burger patty looks WONDERFUL -- your dad just took it off the grill. It looks perfect: juicy, simmering, hot, and brown. (Sorry to all the vegetarians reading this.) It looks and smells great. You just can't wait to take a bite! You pick up the burger, with your favorite toppings, sink your teeth in, and...

...the burger flies out of your mouth as quickly as it went in. Thank goodness for the gag-reflex, people. The burger shoots clear across the room. It tasted terrible -- like burnt cardboard (I speak from experience) and you cannot get over how utterly disgusting it was. The burger looked great! And it had all the good stuff on top! But on the inside, the patty was all dry, with maggots crawling through it. Yuck!

That's how it is with us. We may look great on the outside, and have lots of good clothing (the lettuce, mustard, and such), but if our insides aren't good -- if we don't have pure, clean hearts -- we're nasty. No matter how we may mask it, someone's gonna get close, trust you, take a bite, and be hurt and appalled. YUCK! How can that dude be gross on the inside, but be so popular on the outside? How can that girl look so nice, but really be disgusting?

Don't be like a burnt cardboard burger. Be a juicy beef patty for God. (I know, I know, that sounds really lame lol!) Ask God to help you shine through -- to be the REAL you -- and let the pure heart that God gave you bless other people.

(And yes, this post was inspired by the killer burgers my mom made yesterday.)


  1. well, that was vivid. I may never eat a burger again.

    How true it is, however. Keep up the great work, girls.

  2. I didn't write this to scare you away. :)

  3. That was a very creative way to describe that. :)
    I luv the line,'be a juicy beef patty for God' HILLARIOUS!


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