"Hey, God! I was just about to call you!"

Yeah, I have a cell phone. And it rocks. Normally, if you're not a computer whiz and can't send an email, your hand gets tired from writing snail-mail (and you can't find the stamps), you can't hog the home phone, or you can't just walk over, you need a cell phone to call a friend.

And even then, sometimes friends will say, "Ya know, dude, I'm busy. Could ya call back later? Like, tomorrow or somethin'?"

Well, God is your BEST friend, even though you might not know it yet. You don't need a computer, stamps, or a phone to talk to him. You don't even need to drop by his house. He's right there with you, all the time. He won't put you off if someone else wants to talk to him. He'll listen to you both (like your mom, God is a great multi-tasker). And, just like a friend, he totally doesn't want to be ignored. He can give you the BEST advice, better than your friends who say they've "been there & done that". So, go ahead, call God right now! Go find a quiet spot, or pray wherever you are. Close your eyes or don't. Bow your head, kneel, or raise your hands. Whatever. Just talk to him.

(The best part? He won't run down your cell minutes!)

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