Jesus & Waffles

At youth retreat, I realized that if people saw me, they'd probably think I'm all talk and no walk about the whole reflecting Jesus thing. I'm not perfect. This blog is like my spiritual journal, and it has helped me sort my thoughts, become closer to God, and figure out what I believe.
Yet, I feel as though this IS my spiritual life. This is it. My friends are Christians, but we hardly ever talk about God (but when we did it was great). My life is like a waffle. It is divided into compartments and the compartments don't merge often. There is a family square, a friend square, a fashion square, a school square.... Heck, even my church square is mainly about my friend Hannah and seeing if I can beg my parents for hot chocolate and donuts in the room outside the sanctuary.

Am I just crazy, or do you feel the same way? Ok, I AM crazy, but I'm being serious here, Maddy. :]

Do you feel like Jesus is only being let in the Jesus compartment of your life? If he's only there, then are you truly the Christian Jesus wants you to be? We are called to give Jesus are all. We are called to SHINE -- to be a light to the world. Swiss Miss hot chocolate and all the donuts in the world won't get you there. Jesus deserves and longs for your whole life. Only then are we living how we were created to live!


  1. I've felt like that before, I do very often actually. I've been trying to work on it. Sometimes, when I'm at my lowest point and I feel like I can't even reach God anymore, that's when he totally just comes through for me! He always does at some point. Normally when I'm too stuck to do anything and I call out to Him.


  2. I totally understand that feeling. (no your not crazy) :)
    I do that all the time! I go to church a love being so into the Lord, it just gives me a warm, good feeling on the inside, and I want that all the time. But I tell my parents what I learned on the drive home and then completely go against what I had been set on doing. I'll be impatient w/ my sis, be quick to whine when my mom asks me to unload the dishwasher, etc.
    I Madison am living a waffle life....and I hate it.

  3. I feel like that a lot too. I feel like how I can really saturate everything in Christ is to bathe every minute in prayer. But that is SO hard!!! I don't communicate with Him enough, ugh. Just setting aside 5-30 minutes a day isn't enough.

    Jesus should be the syrup--he should cover all the waffles squares. (*Is proud of self for coming up with this lil' syrup idea*)


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