The Play is this Week!

The Pride & Predjudice play is this week!! I am so excited but EXTEREMLY nervous! Terrified, even. Monday (today), Tuesday, and Wednesday are 3 hour long rehearsals, then Thursday, Friday, and Saturday are the performance days (each with 2 hour rehearsal beforehand). This whole week is devoted to this play.

I wonder, what am I going to do after this? It's taken all my time since it started. What did I do before this?

I ask for your prayers to calm my nerves, that the play will go smoothly, that nobody will get sick (a lot of us are sick, including me), and that nobody will forget their lines, blocking, or cues.

I really need your prayers this week.


Your sister in Christ,


  1. I will be praying!

    Yes,that is the plan. We figure that way, it won't be such a good, but forgotten blog, LOL.

    Thanks for your support!
    In Christ,

  2. Thanks Jillian!

    Tonight the [first] big night!


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