In Which Our Church Praise Goes Crazy and I Inevitably Lose My Wits

Our first day in our new church building went well. Sort of. I was on stage with the band, banging on my jimbae like I'm trying to pulverize its very soul, mouthing along with the words and never missing a beat (OK, that's a total lie). Then, fdsjifjrieo! The sound system (which was very expensive and, in my opinion, not worth it) decides to be cute and go beserk. It sounded like those times when you're sitting at a red light and the car next to you is listening to rap music with the volume all the way up...only this was much louder. My mom, playing the pianon, wrinkles her brow; the bass player, who's amplifier is now going crazy, doesn't know what to do...even the worship leader looks confused. And what do I do?

I laugh.

It seems to me that the only proper thing to do at those such times is to shut up and go with it, which is exactly the opposite of what I did. True, you can't hear me laughing over the booming praise-gone-phsyco music, but I'm sure a few audience members were wondering why my face was spazzing out in a huge grin at the most inappropriate time.


  1. Don't worry melissa, I'd do the same exact thing! :D

  2. I remember one time when the guitarist in my churches praise band started laughing and the singer...and the lead guitar....and the bass player... Everybody in the band lost except for me, because I'm behind this Plexiglas wall and had no idea what happened. To this day I have no clue what made them lose it like that...

  3. Haha I'm glad I'm not the only one!

  4. One time I was playing for a fundraiser and my turn to lead the verse on guitar came and my guitar was not... playing sound through the speakers. Everyone else had stopped so I was just like well no one can hear me, everyone has stopped... I think I will to and move onto the next song. So we did. Kinda awkward but okayish I guess. Just kind of annoying. I hate it when sound systems don't work but love it when they do. Which is why I'm very annoying with Jango right now for pausing every second. Literally. But usually it's fine so.. =) Jesus loves you!


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