Today is a Good Day.

Today is a day much like ones before it. I'm babysitting my pastor's kids with my dad (we're watching lame British cartoons). There's swing music playing in the kitchen; I was dancing to it earlier, before I noticed my dad glancing at me like I had really lost it.

I've been doing so much lately -- everything but read my Bible. I know that's really sad, and I do read it during the week for school, but I don't pay much attenion to it. I have been reading Breaking Dawn though. Why do vampires have to be more interesting for me than my Savior? It's so frustrating.

I'm really excited for tomorrow. For the past year or so, my church has been working on getting us into our new building. It's behind a Chinese restaraunt in the back of an old Wal-Mart. It's really big and really, really cool. It was totally empty when we decided to use it (except for the bathrooms, but they were really gross). We started from scratch, pulling up the tacky astroturf floors and putting up walls. It's been my job to mop, sweep, clean the bathrooms (their were homeless people living in the bathroom before we used it), and lay down the carpet (which is surprisingly fun). It's not complete, but tomorrow is going to be our first day of church in our new building! We've been waiting for this for a long time. God is sooooo good!

Lastly, my friend Travis started a blog, The Process Project. I absolutely love it when my friends have blogs. So please check it out and drop him a comment. :)

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