Another Lazy Saturday

It’s another lazy Saturday. You might not even be awake while I’m writing this. I’m not going to give you a long sermon, because I’m positive that on a Saturday you don’t want to read it and I don’t want to write it.
Instead, I’m going to simply ask that you do something today. Make today useful. Accomplish something other than catching up on your zzzzs. It doesn’t even have to be saving the world today. You could just tidy up your room, cook dinner for your family, or read your bible. Maybe you could ride your bike up and down your driveway or go for a swim in your friend’s pool. The simple things in life add up. Just being nice and having a good time can change your attitude for the whole week. Maybe you could invite your friend over to your house for a sleepover? Just get out there and do something you really want to do today, besides watching cartoons. But first you have to wake up.

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  1. Ha, I read this on Saturday, but didn't really get it because I had to go host for some guests that we were having :P But thanks for posting it :) I got to go out and play some basketball and read a bit but that's all :) Jesus loves you! :D


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