Summer 2009 -- Make a List

Summer’s in, school’s out. The problem? With all that time on your hands, it’s easy to lose track of what’s important and whittle your time away on things that will only hurt you. In two months, you’ll wonder where summer went and what the heck you got accomplished.
I challenge you to make this summer matter. Here’s the challenge: do something really good for yourself (that’s easy enough), do something really good for someone you know, and do something good for someone you don’t know or don’t like (let’s face it: it’s hard, but you can do it). It’s not going to be easy, but it’ll be worth it.
You see, when we make use of our time, we benefit everyone around us – including people we don’t even know. Don’t spend too much time doing something that won’t stick with you – like playing video games, searching the Web, or lying around wondering what on earth there is to do.
Instead, as I’ve told you before, spend your time on useful, lasting, productive things. Finish your homework assignment (yes, I mean now. Well, I guess you can wait until you’re done reading this.) Clean your room without being asked. Read your Bible, spend time with God. Set your iPod to Shuffle mode while you do your chores. Listen to worshipful music. Invite a friend over. Bake cookies for your neighbor or enjoy the summer by riding your bike. (Hey, everyone likes muscles, right?)
God doesn’t want us to be lazy. Time is a funny thing, like a pen. You know there’s ink in there, but it’s not going to last forever. You don’t know when that ink will run out. Make this the best summer yet.

You’ll never have another Summer 2009.

Make a list of all the things you want to do before summer is over. These can be fun things, like doing a high-dive into a pool, or healthy things, like riding your bike up and down your driveway every day. It can also be things that will help you be more confident and tune into the Lord, or investing in other people’s lives. Think of as many things as you can. Have fun and be creative!


  1. Great thoughts! I should be occupied for a while longer :P Actually I'm not quite out of school yet, but I'll finish soon. I want to be free! Anyways, I'll only have a month or so to be bored because I'll be traveling around with my family and stuff... Summers always seem to change me, or at least I return to school a bit more different than the person I was last year. These Boredom Vanquishers (:P) should help me to be a person who longs to be Christ-like even more! Thanks :) Jesus loves you!

  2. We travel a lot too. But most of the summer, all my friends who live hours away come over here to ride my horses and sleep over for weeks. While it's awesome and I love them so much, I hardly ever get time to myself during the summer. But I'm ready to make the most of it.


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