We've Never Felt Real Hunger

Have you skipped breakfast one day? Chances are you got hungry pretty fast. When you sat down for lunch, bacon burger within reach, you said, "Let’s eat! I’m starving!" You finish all but a few bites of your burger and some fries, which you toss to your dog.
We all do this in our everyday lives, but when you really think about it, it seems so selfish. We skip one meal and say we’re starving? Then we just trash the food we have? You know how it feels when you’re at someone’s house and you’re – well, starving, of course – and you find out they eat lunch an hour later than your family normally does. You start to feel like you’re being deprived and all you think about is food.
What if I told you that a human being would actually beg for those scraps of food you toss in the trash? People all over the world don’t have adequate food. People – children, even – die of starvation every day. What little food they may get is so small and is probably something that would make you lose your appetite.
Statistics show that 1 billion people suffer from malnutrition and hunger. Even in the United States, thirteen million people have to skip meals or eat less so they can pay the rent.

Want to fight against world hunger? Go to www.bread.org & www.thehungersite.org now.

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