Angels -- No Longer Naked Babies

I was in my parents’ bathroom, and on the floor was a stack of Angel Soft toilet paper, the logo being, of course, a naked baby. You can find these nude angel babes in lots of places – Disney’s Fantasia shows these cherubs dressing up the pretty unicorn ladies to meet their mates. I wonder, when did this start? When did someone say, "Hmm…I think God’s angels are actually naked babies with little wings and fat bottoms." I don’t have a clue why. Let’s take a deeper look.

When you were going through some tough times and really needed protection and comfort, God was right there to help you. God is awesome like that.
"My child," he addressed you gently. "I present to you a guardian angel of your very own."
Immediately your soul is warm, but so is your arm. Eww. God hands you a towel to mop up the spit-up.
"He’s a pain in the neck now," God continues, "but somehow he’ll keep you safe."
"What about diapers?" you ask.
God laughs. "Diapers? Have you ever seen a cherub with a diaper? No, they prefer to be al natural."
"That’s great, God, but I don’t want to take this from you. I couldn’t. Really."
"Oh, go ahead, daughter. I have plenty more. And look, they even come with little wings."
Because kids aren’t difficult enough, you grumble silently.
"Hey, I heard that," God calls as he walks away.

Yeah, riiiiiiiiight. Just some stupid "what ifs" that I was thinking about. You see, somewhere our culture got mixed up. I think they wanted to down-size God’s power by showing his warriors as babies. Thanks goodness God has a better imagination than people do! He created angels as huge, brilliant beings. Angels are actually more of a mystery to us than God. We don’t worship them, but there is something about them that draws us to them. There’s something about such a powerful, godly creature protecting us that makes us feel safe.
Angels are not babies – the Bible clearly tells us that cherubim and seraphim are huge, with great wings hiding their faces. Next time you see a typical baby "angel", remember that God doesn’t treat your safety like a joke. This was really random….


  1. And yet carried a lot of meaning :) You've said that our culture has mixed up (and messed up) and that GOD cares for us so much. I'm currently reading this book by Randy Alcorn called Deadline. It's a really great book but introduces some of the realities of the world to young readers. I think it would be good for all young people should ask their parents' permission before plunging into it. Anyway, there's this guy who had a guardian angel watching over him and stuff. This post just reminded me of it. :) Jesus loves you!

  2. For some reason I felt weird writing this, like it was sacrelige (sp) or something....But I had this long post with several stories about baby-angel-Satan (heehee) and the angel in the garden of Eden, but I cut them.


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