Too Much of a Good Thing?

I'm sure your mom has told you, "No more candy!" And I'm sure you've heard that too much of a good thing isn't so good. If you eat too much candy, you get a stomachache. You can even die just from drinking too much water!

It's kinda crazy how people apply this rule to their faith without even knowing it. I know I do it sometimes, and I think we all do. I just realized it today. Many Christians treat Jesus like candy! "He's a good thing, sure, but I don't want to get too much of Him. THAT would be bad."

No it wouldn't!

People are so afraid of letting go, of losing control. The problem is, we're NEVER in control. We're not in control of even the smallest things. God is the one in control!

People are so afraid that if they give Jesus their all, He'll disappoint them. He'll fail them. Ya know what? Jesus DOESN'T fail. That's it. He just doesn't. He is absolute perfection -- failure is impossible.

Jesus will never let you down. You are always in His mind. Everything he does in your life furthers his amazing plan for you.
If you give Jesus your all, He won't fail you. There is no such thing as too much Jesus. Give Him your all and I promise you'll be glad you did.
I'll probably let you down. So will your parents, you husband/wife, your children, your best friends, your president. Everyone will fall.

Jesus is the constant, the eternal, the One who'll never let you fall.


  1. I really like the messages that you post on this blog! :)

  2. Wow. Awsome. That kind of thinking is too common in our day in age. Very good message.

  3. Thanks, Bob.
    I agree; it is too common. I know that I'll let myself down, yet I trust myself again and again and always mess up. If only I had trusted Jesus instead. He's never let me down, but I've turned back to myself so many times.


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